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It is immediately noticeable that something is different about Palmetto Dental Associates from the very first appointment. PDA takes pride in providing comprehensive and esthetic dental care in a relaxed, professional, and positive environment where each patient is truly treated as part of the family. Dr. Frankie Shull, Dr. Chris Campbell, Dr. Brandon Cain, and Dr. Caroline Thomas welcome the opportunity to get to know you. The state-of-the-art facilities are continually updated to offer the very best in dental technology, and the highly skilled team spends many hours each year taking continuing education courses to remain abreast of the latest dental techniques.

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State-of-the-art Dental Technology

From secure, electronic health records, to the latest in dental hygiene techniques, to ScanX digital x-ray radiography, to an intraoral impression scanner, to a 3D cone beam CT machine, Palmetto Dental Associates is dedicated to providing you with the absolute best dental technology available on the market. To keep up with the latest technology at PDA, follow us on social media:

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Providing the best possible clean

Our dental hygienists don't just clean teeth with the traditional polishing cup; instead, they use advanced techniques to get your teeth the cleanest they've felt in years! Our ultrasonic scalers and prophy jet air polishing system removes tartar and stain, both above and below the gum line. Come let your teeth get pampered at PDA!

ScanX Digital Radiography

Thin phosphor plates, crisp, clear images

Gone are the days of waiting for film radiographs or "x-rays" to develop. At PDA, we solely use digital film, which is ready to view in minutes, and also has less radiation exposure than traditional methods.  Our x-ray plates are thin and more comfortable than other more bulky methods, and the images are crisp, clear, and diagnostic! 


Planmeca ProMax Conebeam CT

3d imaging like never before

Traditional x-rays let us see the height and width of bone in two dimensions, whereas with our 3D CBCT machine, we can now also see the "depth" of bone! This technology proves very useful in implant planning, as well as in diagnosing cracked and abscessed teeth. CBCT imaging is quickly becoming the standard of care in dentistry. 

Trios 3shape Intraoral Scanner

Optimizing the digital dental workflow

Much like everything in life, dentistry is quickly moving in a digital direction. The Trios 3shape Intraoral Scanner allows us the ability to forego traditional impression material and, instead, to take a digital scan of your teeth and bite. Your dentist can then collaborate with the lab across screens to plan and design your ideal restorations!

Office Hours

We are open Monday thru Thursday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Closed from 1:00 - 2:00 pm for lunch and closed on Fridays.

Two Locations. One Dental Family. 


At PDA, we conveniently offer two locations to better serve our patients. All of our dentists rotate between both offices, so whichever location is best for you works perfectly.



124 Harbison Blvd - Columbia, SC - 29212 

(P) 803-732-0900 (f) 803-732-0990

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Lexington Dental Office:

216 Palmetto Park Blvd - Lexington, SC - 29072

(p) 803-808-0888 (F) 803-808-0891

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